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Posted: 19 November 2010

Make these beautiful crepe paper crackers that you can fill with your favourite treats. They can event double up as name tags if you’ve decided to place the guests at designated seats. Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions to do it yourself.

When looking for crepe paper, remember to take a sample of your material with to ensure the colour will match your décor. There are so many different colours available that it would be easy to get the wrong shade.

What will you need?

Tissue paper roll (according to the size you want them to be)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard (not too thick)
  • Elastic bands (x2)
  • Ribbon (to compliment your crepe paper)
  • Crepe paper (any craft/stationary shop sell these)
  • Sweets (preferable select wrapped sweets)

Now follow these easy steps:

Step One

Place the double-sided tape on the crepe paper and put the tissue paper roll on the tape. Roll the crepe paper along with the roll and apply tape on the end to secure the paper.

Step Two

Twist the one end of the crepe paper and secure it with an elastic band. Now tie a ribbon around this elastic band to hide it.

Step Three

Fill the roll with your chosen sweets.

Step Four

Twist the other end and secure it with an elastic band and finish off with the ribbon.

Step Five

Fold the cardstock and cut on an angle, to create a “flag” look. Write your message and attach the tag to the finished roll.

Voila, your very own crepe paper crackers… don’t forget, these will work beautifully as decorations on your Christmas table too!

Posted by Megan Moller for Perfect Day - The South African Wedding Directory
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